Diocese of Phoenix Safe Environment Guidelines– for Scouting Volunteers

Diocese of Phoenix Safe Environment Guidelines-- for Scouting Volunteers

Instructions for adults to be compliant with diocesan Safe Environment guidelines are outlined below.

These instructions pertain to individual volunteers for the Catholic Committee and all leaders and volunteers associated with Catholic sponsored Scouting units, whether they are Catholic or not. Parents who are not registered leaders, but who may come in contact with youth who are not their own children, must also take the training.

The annual renewal period begins July 1 and must be accomplished by December 31.
Technically a volunteer must be Safe Environment compliant before serving in their ministry so this would mean that leaders must be trained before meetings or activities start after July 1.

The database and website changed in 2019. ***Please visit the CMG site to update your existing profile and take the renewal training OR to set up your profile and start the certification process.

NOTE: BSA YPT is NOT currently being accepted as the SE Foundation course. Due to the pandemic, a video is available on the CMG site and must be watched in order to comply.

(BSA YPT can count as the SE Foundation course for new applicants. Proceed in creating your profile until you get to the “Live Course” selection and then send a copy of your BSA YPT certificate to the parish Safe Environment Coordinator. That person will update your file to show that you are compliant with the Foundation course and will notify you when you should go back into the CMG site to finish your application. Finishing the application includes watching the Renewal video and submitting your application for a background check. You should receive an email stating your application has been approved within 5-7 days from submittal.)

The application process mentioned above includes answering questions that were previously on the Volunteer Application form and the Code of Ethics. The Safe Environment Coordinator handles the reference checks. Face to Face Interviews may be conducted by the “ministry head” but that should be coordinated with the parish Safe Environment coordinator.

Please contact your parish Safe Environment Coordinator or kpolo55@gmail.com with questions.