NCCS/BSA Scout Emblems

NCCS/BSA Scout Emblems

Light of Christ
Parvuli Dei
Ad Altare Dei
Pope Pius XII
Light Is Life

Cub Scouts

God is Love: Designed for kindergarten age youth (Lions) (NFCYM emblem)
Light of Christ: Designed for 6-7 year old Cub Scouts (Tigers and Wolves)
Parvuli Dei: Designed for 8-10 year old Cub Scouts. (Bears and Webelos)

Books for God is Love may be ordered through NFCYM or may be in stock with our committee. Please contact Kathy if you need books.

Books for Scouts working on Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei are available for purchase at the local BSA Scout Shop.

The Scout must finish the program with an interview with the pastor, priest, deacon or youth minister affiliated with their parish. In the handbook there is a space for a signature from the “Pastor or Parish Administrator (or Delegate). A Pastor may appoint another priest, deacon, religious sister or youth minister as his Delegate should he choose not to conduct the interviews himself. This interview is an important experience for the Scout and reinforces the importance of Catholic Scouting for the Pastor and Parish.

God is Love, Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei should be presented during a parish Mass or other special parish event. The purple “Religious Knot” is the BSA recognition and is available for purchase at the local BSA Scout Shop. Knots should be presented at a Pack Meeting. Sample ceremonies are available.

Cub Scouts who complete these programs and whose applications are submitted to the address below by December 31, will also be recognized at our annual Scout recognition ceremony in February. If the forms and payment are not received by the cutoff date of December 31, the scout will still receive the emblem and it can be presented at the parish as described above; but the Scout will mostly likely be invited to the recognition ceremony the following year. Please plan ahead.

Please note: Each Cub Scout is to have his/her own workbook. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE COPIES OF THE WORKBOOK. That infringes on copyright policies.
The application found in the workbook is the one that must be signed and submitted in order to receive the medal. Photocopies are not accepted to turn in but please make a copy to keep for your records before submitting the original form.


In order to receive the God is Love, Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei medals, the form in the Scout’s workbook should be completed, signed and mailed to:
Mrs. Rosie Tallabas, PhxDCCS,1225 N. 41st Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Cub Emblem costs:

God Is Love: $10.00 each
Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei: $17.00 each

Parent pins for Cub emblems: $7.00 each.

Please enclose a check payable to: PHXDCCS. Please make a notation, in the “memo” section of the check, which emblem is being ordered.

Also, please send the application and program evaluation only. The Scout may keep the workbook as part of his/her memories from working on the program.

For coordinators ordering emblems for groups, please include the completed form for each Scout.


Arrangements can be made to pick up the medal(s) in person. Please contact Rosie at
If you choose to have the medals mailed to you, please add in $4 for one or two medals and $8 for 3 medals or more. to cover the cost of shipping.

PARENT PINS are available for $7.00 each. These pins are mini-versions of the medal. Please add in the correct amount to the payment above for any pins ordered.
We also have these available at the annual Religious Emblems ceremony in February.

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD These medals are often presented at Scout Sunday in February, although they can be presented at your parish at a Mass throughout the year. Since so many Packs strive to present the medals at Scout Sunday, please place your order in advance. Our office keeps medals in stock but occasionally receives more requests than anticipated and medals may be on back order.

If you would like to become a Pack Religious Emblems Coordinator–please contact Kathy at

Scouts BSA, Venturing,
Sea Scouts, Exploring

Ad Altare Dei: Designed for 13-14 year old Scouts BSA, Venturing Crew members, and Sea Scout members.
Pope Pius XII:  Designed for Venturing Crew Members (both male and female) and Scouts BSA 15 years old and older.
Light Is Life: Designed for 13-14 year old Scouts BSA, Venturing Crew members, and Sea Scout members of the Eastern-Catholic Churches.  As Eastern-Catholic Churches are not part of the Diocese of Phoenix, we do not administer Boards of Review for this emblem.  We are happy to include these recipients in our annual Youth Recognition Ceremony.  Eastern-Catholic Church Scouts should not work on the Ad Altare Dei emblems.

Books for the Scouts working on the Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII emblems are available at the local BSA Scout Shop.  Ad Altare Dei, Pope Pius XII, and Light of Live books are available through the NCCS Shop.  There is also an e-version of the Ad Altare Dei book.

Scouts must be signed up with a group facilitated by a trained Religious Emblems Counselor or Facilitator through the Catholic Committee.
Please contact Kathy Polowski at to find a group near you.

Boards of Review are held annually in January/February each year. Arrangements are made by the Diocesan Committee and Counselors and Facilitators need to be sure the Scouts in their group are fully prepared. The fully completed Manual for the respective program, and any supporting materials, should be brought to the Boards so the Scout can share their experiences. Completed Application forms and payment are to be brought to the Boards. Please bring cash or a check in the amount of $20 per emblem. Checks should be made payable to: PHXDCCS.

Those Scouts who earn Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII will receive their medals at the annual Diocesan Scout Religious Recognition Ceremony in February.

The purple “Religious Knot” is the BSA recognition and is available at the local BSA Scout Shop.  The Religious Knot should be presented at a Court of Honor or other recognition ceremony.  The Scout should only wear one religious knot.  Pin devices are available at the local BSA Scout Shop to designate which religious emblem the Scout has earned.

Additional Recognition

For those Scouts who have completed all four religious emblems, the diocesan committee and Knights of Columbus each provide a certificate honoring the achievement.