NCCS Patches and Awards

NCCS Patches and Awards

Scout Awards


NCCS offers several series of patches. Each series offers at least 5 patches, and the patches rotate every few years, so there are always new opportunities to learn about the Catholic Faith.  Patches can be ordered directly from NCCS with the on-line order form.

The current series includes:

Unit Awards


National Catholic Unit Excellence Award
Pope Paul VI

Cooperation, development, and program are the keywords in the recognition of Catholic chartered units in earning the National Catholic Unit Excellence Award – Pope Paul VI. The adult leadership responds to training not only in Scouting lores, but training in Catholic National Catholic Leadership Development, and religious counseling. The Scouts in each Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew/Ship respond by participating in the religious emblems program respective of their status in Scouting

Does your unit qualify for the Pope Paul VI Award? Click here for the application to see if your unit qualifies!!  The National Catholic Unit Excellent Award is presented at the annual Youth Award Ceremony.

BSA Messengers of Peace

The Messengers of Peace initiative is inspired by the World Scout Committee, administered by the World Scout Bureau, and driven by youth  volunteers worldwide.
Through their efforts these volunteers will create a mosaic of stories, data, and results showing the global impact of the Scout movement. Their achievements will make this program an invaluable tool for recruiting members, assuring parents, inspiring donors, and making existing members proud to be Scouts.

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