Religious Emblems Counselor Training

This training is required for adults who plan to work with  Scouts on the religious emblems available through NCCS,  NCCGSCF, or AHGCC.  These include Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei, Pope Pius XII, Family of God, I Live My Faith, Mary The First Disciple and Spirit Alive.

Please join us for an informative day that will include breakout sessions when each program is covered in more detail and tips are offered. Information on additional Catholic patch activity programs will also be provided.  

This training is a GREAT way to learn about all the Catholic programs that are available to our scouts!

Please view our Events Calendar and contact Kathy Polowski at for more information on the next training session.

National Catholic Committee on Scouting® Training

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting® offers several opportunities to become trained on its programs. During the summer, Scouting in the Catholic Church Conference is offered at Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, NM as part of BSA Relationships Week. The conference brings together religious and lay participants with varying experience in Scouting and the Catholic faith. The goal of the conference is to help the participants understand how Scouting is a Youth Ministry and how to use the information in their dioceses* when talking with Scouters, priests, and youth ministers.

The NCCS also hosts Scouting in the Catholic Church Conference  The conference focuses on developing an understanding of organizational models and administrative strategies for the successful operation of the Diocesan Catholic Committee for Scouting. It is designed for any adult working at the local diocesan committee level, NCCS Regional and National level. This program provides invaluable information to Scout chaplains, priests, permanent deacons, (arch)diocesan or parish youth ministers; diocesan, regional and national Catholic committee leadership and members.

National training is being delivered at the region level through regional training conferences. These conferences extend the training previously provided only at the Biennial Conference. A regional training may be planned at the end of each NCCS Annual Meeting in addition to those held at regional meetings.

New to a position? NCCS Fast Start sheets provide basic information and resources to get you started.